We Provide a Complete Suite of Services to Generate Leads for Your Business

SimplePPC is a highly cost-effective solution to increase your customers

We provide a complete suite of lead generation services for one remarkably low price

Campaign Services

We build well-structured campaigns with a single goal; to bring you as many new leads as possible for the lowest cost per lead.

Search Campaigns
Our campaigns get your business seen on the top positions of the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) where customers will be looking for the services you offer.

Keyword Selection
Properly selected keywords are crucial for successful campaigns. Through extensive research we find the best keywords to ensure we cover all relevant themes for your practice.

Ad Group Management
Granular ad groups give us the possibility to publish laser-focused ads to keep your ad relevance high and your costs low.

Bid Management
We design a precise bid strategy to keep your ads on the top positions without overspending your budget.

Ad Creation
We create highly-relevant ads to attract customers attention and to show them exactly what they are looking for.

Ad Extensions
We develop quality ad extensions to further explain your offer, create more visibility on the search results page, and that improve your Quality Score.

Google Display Network (GDN)

We utilize a variety of ad designs and select key websites from the millions of pages where we can show your ads to potential customers.

We display your ads on specific websites relevant to your business and that your potential clients are visiting.

We target websites and other placements that include content about your industry and your specific topics relevant to your practice.

We target people interested at services relevant to your practice as they browse pages, apps, channels, videos, and content across the Google Display Network and YouTube.

We advertise to people based on their demographic characteristics. If your company is focused on certain demographics, we make sure to show your ads to them.

Remarketing Services

We target potential customers who visited your promotional website but didn’t immediately respond.

Search or Display Network Remarketing
We push ads to Google Search or websites on the display network to customers that have already shown interest. These prospects familiar with your practice and need an additional push to become your clients.

Creating Audience Lists
We set up audience lists for remarketing to track how far visitors have reached on your landing pages. Based on these audience lists we target only people who have reached a certain point on your site.

Landing Page Services

The landing page is as important as the campaign that lead to it. We design yours to give your prospects the best possible experience.

Landing Page Design
We create professional and engaging landing pages specific to your business, using your brand materials and focused on the services you provide. 

Landing Page Testing
We design multiple landing pages to test their effectiveness. We revise them based on conversion rates and heat maps that show where your customers are focusing.

Marketing Services

Along with all the great campaigns we create, you receive these value-added services, all for our one low price. 

Email Marketing

We create emails branded in your company’s style. We provide a series of follow-up emails to increase customer interest and motivate them to connect with you.


Conversion Tracking
The goal of your PPC campaigns is to bring you more conversions. We track each lead to determine the success of your campaign and to optimize your ads for best results.

Campaign Optimization
We monitor your most important conversion metrics and optimize your campaign based on the data we receive. After launch, constant monitoring and optimizing your campaign is the most important activity we do.

Continuous Ad Testing
We test the results of your ads in order to figure out the best performing ads and continuously try to improve them.

New Ad Creation
We regularly create new ads based on the results from your ad testing. We  continually develop ads to will bring you more leads.

Keyword and Ad Group Rebidding
We analyze performance of your campaign based on the current bids and determine new bids to can improve your results.  

Keyword Expansion
We introduce new keyword themes, based on your campaign’s Search Term Report.

Market Research
We research what your competitors are doing and the latest trends in your industry to we can keep your company ahead of your competition.

Detailed Analytics
We prepare comprehensive monthly reports detailing important data including where your leads came from, what ads and keywords provided your best results and trends showing what to expect with ongoing campaigns.

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