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Frequently asked questions

General Questions

What specific services do you offer?

  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Custom Search Network Campaigns
  • Display Network Campaigns
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Custom Landing Page Creation
  • Custom Email Campaigns
  • Daily Optimization
  • A/B Testing
  • Custom Monthly Reports

For more details for each of the services please refer to our services page where you can see the description of all of our services. The list is very extensive. The SimplePPC team is dedicated to ensuring our services are the best value on the web.

How do you source your PPC marketing specialists? How do you qualify them?

Every PPC marketing specialist completes our in-depth training and is certified by Google. All of our PPC marketers work in-house and specialize in one or two business categories. They are also evaluated on your feedback, so your opinion counts! We also provide you with very specific outcomes around your specific PPC campaigns so you can better evaluate the effectiveness of your investment.

How long before I start to see results?

We require 7 business days to ready your campaigns. Generally, you will receive traffic on your landing page beginning the first day of launch. You should begin receiving your first leads shortly thereafter. Once your campaigns are active, we constantly monitor and optimize your ads to increase lead conversions at lower cost. You should notice an increase in leads thirty business days from your subscription start date . Please keep in mind that as your campaigns mature, their performance will improve. With proper campaign management you should have a steady stream of new leads after 3 months.

What differentiates SimplePPC from other lead generation companies?

There are many ways to manage PPC accounts. We are proud to provide laser-targeted campaigns specifically tailored for your business and within your business area. Your marketing specialist works strictly in your industry. We continually add to your industry knowledge, delivering better results for your campaign. This focus on specific categories enables us to charge less where some agencies might charge you thousands of dollars.

How does your subscription model work?

Once you subscribe, SimplePPC specialists start working on building campaigns specifically for you. Once your campaigns are posted, our specialists continually work on optimizing and improving the performance. You will receive reports explaining the changes and the results achieved for each period.

Do I have a dedicated Account Manager?

Our account managers each manage a few accounts from the same industry but in different geographic locations. This eliminates competitive overlapping between the clients whose accounts they manage. This also helps them gain knowledge about your specific industry and what performs better, so they can implement these positive changes to the accounts they manage. We automate what can be automated, but nothing can replicate the value of someone who knows the subtleties of your business. Moreover, this provides you better control of the outcomes for your business and therefore better ROI (Return On Investment).

How do I provide feedback about your services?

You can provide immediate feedback anytime through our live chat system or send us as detailed a message as you wish through our direct inquiry email system. Your opinion matters to us so feel free to contact us anytime and for any reason.

Do your services include the cost of the PPC advertising?

The cost of PPC advertising is separate cost you pay to Google (or Bing) for showing your ads to the millions of people who visit their or their partners’ sites and sending traffic to your site. The cost for our services is displayed on the Pricing page. It’s $449 - $499 per month depending on the length of your subscription plan.

PPC Marketing

What is PPC marketing?

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a form of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. You determine your monthly budget and we work to bring you the most leads for your investment.

Your ads are shown every time a user's search query is matched to one of the keywords in your campaigns. We make sure to target only important keywords so your ads will appear when people search for services similar to yours.

We create relevant ads that offer real solutions to users’ queries. This attracts their attention, motivating them to click the ads that direct them to your landing page. You only pay when people click on your ads.

Remember, each click is a potential lead that may bring growth to your business.

What is SEM (Search Engine Marketing)?

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a form of advertising conducted on search engines (such as Google or Bing) and their advertising platforms. It focuses on showing your ads on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) when people are searching for something through the search bar.

We create your ads so Google/Bing only display them to searches relevant to your business. This ensures people clicking your ads are interested in what you offer. The more relevant traffic you receive on your landing page, the more quality leads you will generate.

Besides the Search Network (searching through search engine’s search bar) SEM can be conducted by displaying ads on various sites that collaborate with the search engines (Display Network). This means that you can show your ads on sites relevant to your business, or show your ads to people who have expressed interest in your industry, while they are browsing the web through different sites.

What is CPC (Cost Per Click)?

Cost Per Click (CPC) is the cost the search engine charges you for each click you on your ads. Usually this cost varies for different keywords, ad groups and campaigns. The cost difference is based on the Quality Score of your keywords and your bids – the amount you are prepared to pay for each click. However, higher bids don't always mean that you will pay higher cost per click.or that your ads will be displayed for every search they are eligible to show. If your Quality Score is high, you may pay less for your ad clicks.

The Quality Score is a measure that determines how relevant a keyword is to the ads that are shown when a search triggers the keyword; the landing page where users land after they click some of your ads, and the expected CTR (Click Through Rate) for your ads based on the performance of your campaigns.

How can you keep the CPC low?

Well-optimized campaigns with effective landing pages help to lower CPC. SimplePPC's experience enables us to properly build your campaign structure and create well-focused ads connected to appropriate ad groups and landing pages. We keep your CPC as low as possible while bringing you quality volume of worthwhile customer leads.

Lead Generation

What is Lead generation?

Lead Generation is the process of using specific online marketing techniques to collect contact information of potential clients interested in your services and / or products. The goal is to convert as many of these prospects into users of your expertise and services.

Is SEM (Search Engine Marketing) appropriate for Lead Generation?

Our main focus for generating prospective sales leads is SEM through Google (and Bing). Even though there may be other sources that can bring you cheaper leads, the quality of the leads generated from Google is indisputably higher. Our goal is to bring you the highest quality leads possible. This means that through Google you will end up paying less for clients while bringing higher value prospects into your business.

What should I do after I get leads?

Once we have helped you gather information from people interested in your business, it is important to contact them to schedule the appointment they requested. One of the best ways to follow up on your leads is via email. Our email follow-up campaign ensures a higher percentage of your leads will use your services.

Why do I need Lead Generation?

Every business needs to grow in order to survive - today more than ever before. One of the best ways to ensure a steady flow of new clients is with Lead Generation. These leads are from people who have already expressed interest in your service, so they are just one step away from becoming a regular client of yours.

How will I receive my leads?

A new lead will either provide their contact information to you directly by email or by phone. Campaigns for leads coming through phone run only during working hours (so there you can be there to answer) while the campaigns for email leads generally run all the time because they do not demand immediate answer. However, you will receive all your leads instantly after the prospective client clicks submit on your landing page.

It is my responsibility to follow up on my leads?

Yes. Our responsibility is to drive quality leads to your business. Only you know how best to sell your business to new customers. We suggest training someone in how to positively interact with new leads and training them to respond immediately when you receive a lead. Any lead that has responded to your ads is a "hot lead;" and you should have a proactive approach on how to respond to them. These leads (other than direct referrals) are your best source of new business.

Will my leads come to me or someone I designate in my office to manage them?

Your leads are delivered wherever you designate them to arrive. It can be to your email, to someone in your office or even to the company’s email (if you have one). Just make sure that each and every lead will be treated properly and there won’t be a redundancy in the follow up by different members of your team.

PPC Campaigns

How much should I spend a month on PPC advertising?

There is no universally accepted amount you should spend on PPC advertising. It depends on factors such as the industry in which you operate, the competition targeting the same keywords as you and your overall monthly advertising budget. You should feel comfortable spending the PPC budget is order to get leads.

We do recommend you spend a minimum of $1,000 per month for at least 3 months. This budget allows you to receive enough traffic in order to run the campaigns and conduct tests in order to improve the performance. You can always change the budget based on the results.

And remember, the cost of our services is the same no matter the size of your budget.

How long should a campaign run to be effective?

To evaluate the effectiveness of a campaign, it should run at least 2-3 months. Even though it might start to generate leads within the first few days of launch and it appears to be effective, the longer the campaign, the better we can optimize the results. Only after a certain period of time and after we have properly adjusted bids, added negative keywords and fully tested your ads to learn what messaging works best, will your campaign be the most effective.

Do you run campaigns only during our office hours?

Yes. We run your campaigns during your office hour. Depending on the performance of the campaigns we can assign a schedule and run the campaigns only during certain time/s of the day.

Certain campaigns, such as call-only campaigns, run only during your office hours unless you have 24/7 phone support in which case they can run continually.

Do you run PPC campaigns on Social Media?

We run PPC campaigns only on search engine networks (Google and Bing). Even though people spend a lot of time on social media, almost all of them go to search engines when they need to find information or solution for something of their interest. Leads coming from Google usually are higher quality compared to leads from social media because they are generated while users are browsing on the web with the intention to find solutions for a certain problem, in this case the service you offer.

Google Accounts

Do I need Google & Bing Ads accounts?

Yes. In order to run PPC campaigns through search advertising networks you need a Google Ads and ideally, a Bing Ads account. These accounts are the platforms through which all your campaigns, keywords, bids and ads will be uploaded and managed. Your payment information and your payments to Google and also go through these accounts. Without them, we can't run Search Engine Marketing SEM campaigns.

What if I don't have a Google & Bing Ad accounts?

We can help you to create your accounts with detailed step-by-step instructions. We can even create the account for you and leave some parts for you to fill-in (such as the payment information). Once the account is created we connect it with our SimplePPC's manager's account so we can access your accounts.

What's the difference between Search Networks and Display Networks?

Search Networks is a network of webpages that display ads when people are searching for something online. For example, when you go to, search for something and you are presented with search results (organic search results and ads), you are using the Google Search Network. Search Networks are intention-based networks. This means your ads only display when users are looking for your services. Using keywords as a targeting method, you are telling Search Networks to show your ads only when users’ queries match with your keywords. The ads are usually shown above the organic search results (and in some cases below them). Display Networks consist of millions of websites, videos and apps that have display ads. Display ads can be in different formats: text, video, image or combined. Beside keywords, you can use different targeting options such as interests (targeting people with certain interest to display your ads to them while they are browsing through the web), topics (targeting websites/pages that have content of a certain topic and show your ads to people visiting them), placements (target specific websites/pages of your interest and show your ads to people visiting them), demographics (show your ads only to people with certain demographic characteristics), or a combinations of any of the methods mentioned. For example, when you’re looking for a car online, the image ads you see on the side of the page for car insurance or car tires are display ads.

Should I display my ads when prospects search for my competitors?

It is a good practice to show your ads to people searching for your competitors. If these people are interested in your competitors’ services it means that they are also interested in the services you offer. By showing your ads when prospects search for your competitors, you increase your chances for them to see your ads, click on them, visit your site and, if they find your offer better than your competitors, become your permanent clients.
In some cases local competitors agree not to bid on each other keywords. Otherwise there is no reason not show your ads on competitors’ keywords. After all, it is a fair advertising method that can keep you ahead of your competitors and increase your market share.

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